Magnetostratigraphy of ODP Site 177-1092 (Table 1), supplement to: Evans, Helen F; Westerhold, Thomas; Paulsen, Harald; Channell, James E T (2007): Astronomical ages for Miocene polarity chrons C4Ar-C5r (9.3-11.2 Ma), and for three excursion chrons within C5n.2n. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 256(3-4), 455-465

Helen F Evans, Thomas Westerhold, Harald Paulsen & James E T Channell
Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 1092 from the sub-Antarctic South Atlantic produced a clear magnetic stratigraphy for the Late Miocene [Evans et al., 2003, doi:10.1046/j.1365-246X.2003.01916.x]. Three short intervals of reverse polarity were identified within the long (~1 Myr) normal polarity subchron C5n.2n. These excursion chrons were tentatively correlated to the three "cryptochrons" identified within subchron C5n.2n from NE Pacific marine magnetic anomaly data. New oxygen isotope data from ODP Site 1092 have allowed astronomical calibration...
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