(Appendix 1) Element concentrations in sediment and basalt samples from DSDP Holes 75-530A and 75-530B, supplement to: Wang, YL; Liu, Yun-Gang; Schmitt, Roman A (1986): Rare earth element geochemistry of South Atlantic deep sea sediments: Ce anomaly change at ~54 My. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 50(7), 1337-1355

YL Wang, Yun-Gang Liu & Roman A Schmitt
The geochemistry of the REE (rare earth elements) in oceanic sediments is discussed, based mainly on samples from DSDP Holes 530A and 530B, Leg 75, and Hole 525A, Leg 74. The proposed mechanisms for incorporation of the REE into the marine carbonate phases are adsorption, chiefly onto the carbonate minerals and on Sc, Hf, and Ta-rich Fe-Mn hydroxide flocs as carbonate coatings.The Ce anomaly of marine carbonate was used as an indicator of paleo-ocean water...
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