Ages and stable isotope ratios from speleothem calcite from Cold Water Cave, Iowa, supplement to: Dorale, Jeffrey A; González, Luis A; Reagan, Mark K; Pickett, David A; Murrell, Michael T; Baker, Richard G (1992): A high-resolution record of Holocene climate change in speleothem calcite from Cold Water Cave, Northeast Iowa. Science, 258(5088), 1626-1630

Jeffrey A Dorale, Luis A González, Mark K Reagan, David A Pickett, Michael T Murrell & Richard G Baker
High-precision uranium-thorium mass spectrometric chronology and 18O-13C isotopic analysis of speleothem calcite from Cold Water Cave in northeast Iowa have been used to chart mid-Holocene climate change. Significant shifts in d18O and d13C isotopic values coincide with well-documented Holocene vegetation changes. Temperature estimates based on 18O/16O ratios suggest that the climate warmed rapidly by about 3°C at 5900 years before present and then cooled by 4°C at 3600 years before present. Initiation of a gradual...
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