Alkali contents, Sr isotope and U-Th-Pb data for ocean crust vein minerals from DSDP Holes 27-261, 61-462A, and 72-516F, supplement to: Hart, Stanley R; Staudigel, Hubert (1986): Ocean crust vein mineral deposition; Rb/Sr ages, U-Th-Pb geochemistry, and duration of circulation at DSDP sites 261, 262 and 516. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 50(12), 2751-2761

Stanley R Hart & Hubert Staudigel
Cation exchange experiments (ammonium acetate and cation resin) on celadonite-smectite vein minerals from three DSDP holes demonstrate selective removal of common Sr relative to Rb and radiogenic Sr. This technique increases the Rb/Sr ratio by factors of 2.3 to 22 without significantly altering the age of the minerals, allowing easier and more precise dating of such vein minerals. The ages determined by this technique (Site 261 - 121.4+/-1.6 m.y.; Site 462A - 105.1+/-2.8 m.y.; Site...
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