Element concentrations of aluminosilicate components from ODP sites in the Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Ziegler, Christa L; Murray, Richard W; Hovan, Steven A; Rea, David K (2007): Resolving eolian, volcanogenic, and authigenic components in pelagic sediment from the Pacific Ocean. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 254(3-4), 416-432

Christa L Ziegler, Richard W Murray, Steven A Hovan & David K Rea
We measured major and trace element concentrations in the operationally defined, chemically extracted, residual aluminosilicate component of sediment from Ocean Drilling Program Sites 1215 and 1256 in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean and found that this residual component contains volcanogenic and authigenic aluminosilicates in addition to inferred eolian material. While the residual component younger than 20 Ma from the central Pacific (ODP Site 1215) is similar compositionally to upper continental crust and suggests...
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