Mineralogical-sedimentological and chemical investigation of sediments from Cross Bank off Florida, supplement to: Müller, German; Müller, Jens (1967): Mineralogisch-sedimentpetrographische und chemische Untersuchungen an einem Bank-Sediment (Cross-Bank) der Florida Bay, USA. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie - Abhandlungen, 106, 257-286

German Müller & Jens Müller
The sediments of a core of.1.55 m length taken on the windward side of the Cross Bank, Florida Bay, are clearly subdivided into two portions, as shown by grain size analysis: silt-sized particles predominate in the relatively homogeneous lower two thirds of the core. This is succeeded abruptly by a thin layer of sand, containing fragments of Halimeda. They indicate a catastrophic event in the Florida Bay region, because Halimeda does not grow within Florida...
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