Chemical and isotope compositions of main phases of metalliferous sediments from holes of DSDP Leg 92, supplement to: Barrett, T J; Taylor, Paul N; Lugowski, J (1987): Metalliferous sediments from DSDP Leg 92: The East Pacific Rise transect. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 51(9), 2241-2253

T J Barrett, Paul N Taylor & J Lugowski
The carbonate-free metalliferous fraction of thirty-nine sediment samples from four DSDP Leg 92 sites has been analyzed for 12 elements, and a subset of 16 samples analyzed for Pb isotopic composition. The main geochemical features of this component are as follows: i) very high concentrations of Fe and Mn, typically 25-39% and 5-14%, respectively; ii) Al and Ca contents generally less than 2% and 5%, respectively; iii) high Cu (1000-2000 ppm), and Zn and Ni...
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