Deep drilling of glaciers: Russian projects in the Arctic (1975-1995)

Serguei M Arkhipov, Vladimir Kotlyakov, Ya-M K Punning, V Zogorodnov, V I Nikolayev, V S Zagorodnov, Yu Ya Macheret, R Vaikmaye, Nartsiss I Barkov, S A Korsun, V Korotkevich, V A Morev, A V Evseyev, T A Vostokova, Andrei A Andreev, Oleg L Klementyev, Y S Korotkevitch, Michel Stiévenard, S A Sinkevich, O Yu Samoylov, F G Gordienko, A V Korsun, K R Tiugu & S M Arkipov
The data collection "Deep Drilling of Glaciers: Soviet-Russian projects in Arctic, 1975-1995" was collected by the following basic considerations:- compilation of deep (>100 m) drilling projects on Arctic glaciers, using data of (a) publications; (b) archives of IGRAN; (c) personal communication of project participants;- documentation of parameters, references. Accuracy of data and techniques applied to determine different parameters are not evaluated. The accuracy of some geochemical parameters (up to 1984 and heavy metalls) is uncertain....
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