Chemical composition and dated ages of detrital smectites in sediments at DSDP Legs 43, 48 and 50, supplement to: Clauer, Norbert; Giblin, Patrick; Lucas, Jacques (1984): Sr and Ar isotope studies of detrital smectites from the Atlantic Ocean (D.S.D.P., Legs 43, 48 and 50). Isotope Geoscience, 2(2), 141-151

Norbert Clauer, Patrick Giblin & Jacques Lucas
Mineralogical, morphological and isotopic (Rb-Sr and K-Ar) determinations were made on some detrital smectites of Palaeocene and Cenomanian ages from DSDP. drillings in the Atlantic Ocean. These minerals are not inert in their depositional environment; authigenic laths grow on detrital sheets with sharp borders. This authigenesis could occur slightly after deposition in a closed system, for some of these smectites. It has been tentatively quantified by the Rb-Sr and K-Ar isotopic methods, which seem also...
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