Holocene sedimentation in the Strait of Otranto, Mediterranean Sea, supplement to: Hesse, Reinhard; von Rad, Ulrich; Fabricius, F H (1971): Holocene Sedimentation in the Strait of Otranto between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas (Mediterranean). Marine Geology, 10(5), 293-355

Reinhard Hesse, Ulrich von Rad & F H Fabricius
An extensive radiograph study of 24 undisturbed, up to 206-cm long box and gravity cores from the western part of the Strait of Otranto revealed a great variety of primary bedding structures and secondary burrowing features.The regional distribution of the sediments according to their structural, textural, and compositional properties reflects the major morphologic subdivisions of the strait into shelf, slope, and trough bottom (e.g., the bottom of the northern end of the Corfu-Kephallinia Trough, which...
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