(Table 2) Chemical composition of selected celestite nodules from DSDP Leg 90, supplement to: Baker, Paul A; Bloomer, Sherman H (1988): The origin of celestite in deep-sea carbonate sediments. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 52(2), 335-339

Paul A Baker & Sherman H Bloomer
Several celestite nodules were recovered on DSDP Leg 90 from four drilling sites on the Lord Howe Rise, southwest Pacific Ocean. The sediments at these sites are predominantly very pure calcareous nannofossil oozes and chalks. As a result of a higher-than average accumulation rate, they undergo relatively rapid burial diagenesis, which causes the expulsion of Sr from the biogenic calcite, to the interstitial waters. Another result of the high accumulation rate is the occurrence of...
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