Mineralogy and petrology of Black Sea Basin sediments, supplement to: Müller, German; Stoffers, Peter (1974): Mineralogy and petrology of Black Sea basin sediments. The Black Sea - Geology, Chemistry, and Biology. Memoir. The American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 20, 200-248

German Müller & Peter Stoffers
The origin and modes of transportation and deposition of inorganic sedimentary material of the Black Sea were studied in approximately 60 piston, gravity, and Kasten cores. The investigation showed that the sediment derived from the north and northwest (especially from the Danube) has a low calcite-dolomite ratio and a high quartz-feldspar ratio. Rock fragments are generally not abundant; garnet is the principal heavy mineral and illite is the predominant clay mineral. This sedimentary material differs...
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