Distribution of Recent benthic foraminifera in Arctic galciomarine sediments, supplement to: Korsun, S A; Pogodina, I A; Forman, Steven L; Lubinski, David J (1995): Recent foraminifera in glaciomarine sediments from three arctic fjords of Novaja Zemlja and Svalbard. Polar Research, 14(1), 15-31

S A Korsun, I A Pogodina, Steven L Forman & David J Lubinski
Foraminifera were examined in recent (<100 years) fine-grained glaciomarine muds from surface sediments and cores from Nordensheld Bay, Novaja Zemlja, and Hornsund and Bellsund, Spitsbergen. This study presents the first data on modern foraminifera distribution for fjord environments in Novaja Zemlja, Russia. The data are interpreted with reference to the distribution of foraminiferal near Svalbard and the Barents Sea. In Nordensheld Bay, live and dead Nonionellina labradorica and Islandiella norcrossi are most abundant in the...
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