Postglacial deposition of sand in the Eckernfoerder Bay, western Baltic Sea, supplement to: Wefer, Gerold; Weber, M; Erlenkeuser, Helmut (1978): Sandablagerungen während der postglazialen Transgression in der Eckernförder Bucht (westliche Ostsee). Senckenbergiana maritima, 10(1/3), 39-61

Gerold Wefer, M Weber & Helmut Erlenkeuser
At the NW-slope of Eckernforder Bay (Western Baltic) between 14 and 21 m water depth 7 sand cores were taken with a vibrocorer. The cores were between 85 and 250 cm long. The sand was analysed for grain size distribution, proportions of organic carbon and carbonate, and contents of microfossils. The radiometric age and stable carbon isotope ratios were determined on organic material from 14 sample.With regard to benthic foraminifera and other microorganisms four different...
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