Late Quaternary deep sea sedimentation off the Niger delta, supplement to: Pastouret, L; Chamley, Hervè; Delibrias, G; Duplessy, Jean-Claude; Thiede, Jörn (1978): Late quaternary climatic changes in western tropical Africa deduced from deep-sea sedimentation off Niger delta. Oceanologica Acta, 1(2), 217-232

L Pastouret, Hervè Chamley, G Delibrias, Jean-Claude Duplessy & Jörn Thiede
The oxygen isotopes ratios of benthic foraminifera and detailed radiocarbon ages of the organic matter of an over 15 m long sediment core from the outer Niger delta allow us to date the oxygen isotope stage boundaries 1/2 to 11500 (+/- 650) years BP, 2/3 to approximately 23000 (+/- 2000) years BP. The composition of the predominantly terrigenous clays and accessory pelagic fossils reflects the evolution of the climate over the southwestern Sahel zone and...
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