Isotope ratios of U, Nd, and Sr of ODP Hole 162-984A sediment samples (Table 1), supplement to: DePaolo, Donald J; Maher, Katharine; Christensen, John N; McManus, Jerry F (2006): Sediment transport time measured with U-series isotopes: Results from ODP North Atlantic drift site 984. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 248(1-2), 394-410

Donald J DePaolo, Katharine Maher, John N Christensen & Jerry F McManus
High precision uranium isotope measurements of marine clastic sediments are used to measure the transport and storage time of sediment from source to site of deposition. The approach is demonstrated on fine-grained, late Pleistocene deep-sea sediments from Ocean Drilling Program Site 984A on the Bjorn Drift in the North Atlantic. The sediments are siliciclastic with up to 30% carbonate, and dated by delta18O of benthic foraminifera. Nd and Sr isotopes indicate that provenance has oscillated...
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