Rare earth element data for sediments from ODP Leg 127, supplement to: Murray, Richard W; Buchholtz ten Brink, Marilyn R; Brumsack, Hans-Jürgen; Gerlach, David C; Russ, III, Price G (1991): Rare earth elements in Japan Sea sediments and diagenetic behavior of Ce/Ce*: Results from ODP Leg 127. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 55(9), 2453-2466

Richard W Murray, Marilyn R Buchholtz ten Brink, Hans-Jürgen Brumsack, David C Gerlach & Price G Russ, III
The relative effects of paleoceanographic and paleogeographic variations, sediment lithology, and diagenetic processes on the recorded rare earth element (REE) chemistry of Japan Sea sediments are evaluated by investigating REE total abundances and relative fractionations in 59 samples from Ocean Drilling Program Leg 127.REE total abundances (Sum REE) in the Japan Sea are strongly dependent upon the paleoceanographic position of a given site with respect to terrigenous and biogenic sources. REE concentrations at Site 794...
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