Contents, partition, and isotopic composition of sulphur in sediments from ODP Sites 680 and 686, supplement to: Mossmann, Jean-Remi; Aplin, Andrew C; Curtis, Charles D; Coleman, Max L (1991): Geochemistry of inorganic and organic sulphur in organic-rich sediments from the Peru margin. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 55(12), 3581-3595

Jean-Remi Mossmann, Andrew C Aplin, Charles D Curtis & Max L Coleman
We have determined (1) the abundance and isotopic composition of pyrite, monosulphide, elemental sulphur, organically bound sulphur, and dissolved sulphide; (2) the partition of ferric and ferrous iron; (3) the organic carbon contents of sediments recovered at two sites drilled on the Peru Margin during Leg 112 of the Ocean Drilling Program. Sediments at both sites are characterised by high levels of organically bound sulphur (OBS). OBS comprises up to 50% of total sedimentary sulphur...
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