Re-OS and Pb isotope ratios of sediments from Saanich Inlet, Western Canada, supplement to: Poirier, André (2006): Re-Os and Pb isotope systematics in reduced fjord sediments from Saanich Inlet (Western Canada). Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 249(1-2), 119-131

André Poirier
Re-Os and Pb-Pb isotopic analysis of reduced varved sediments cored in the deeper basin of Saanich Inlet (B.C.) are presented. From core top to 61 cm down-core, spanning approximately the last 100 yrs of sedimentation, 187Os/188Os ratio and Os concentration respectively increase from ~0.8 to ~0.9 and from 55 to 60 ppt, whereas Re concentration decreases from 3600 to 2600 ppt. Re correlates with Corg (R2=0.6) throughout the entire section, whereas Os follows Re and...
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