Major element concentrations in spinel, olivine and pyroxene from peridotites of ODP Hole 210-1277 of the Newfoundland margin, supplement to: Müntener, Othmar; Manatschal, Gianreto (2006): High degrees of melt extraction recorded by spinel harzburgite of the Newfoundland margin: The role of inheritance and consequences for the evolution of the southern North Atlantic. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 252(3-4), 437-452

Othmar Müntener & Gianreto Manatschal
Serpentinized spinel peridotites of the Newfoundland margin drilled during ODP Leg 210 at Site 1277 have preserved, relic mineral compositions similar to the most depleted abyssal peridotites worldwide and different from those of the conjugate Iberian margin. The samples are derived from mass flows containing clasts of peridotite and gabbro and from in-situ basement, and are mostly mylonitic cpx-poor spinel harzburgites with Cr-rich spinels (Cr#0.35-0.66). Melting of the Newfoundland mantle occurred in the spinel peridotite...
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