Strontium and boron geochemistry of ODP sites at Hydrate Ridge, eastern Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Teichert, Barbara M A; Torres, Marta E; Bohrmann, Gerhard; Eisenhauer, Anton (2005): Fluid sources, fluid pathways and diagenetic reactions across an accretionary prism revealed by Sr and B geochemistry. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 239(1-2), 106-121

Barbara M A Teichert, Marta E Torres, Gerhard Bohrmann & Anton Eisenhauer
ODP Leg 204, which drilled at Hydrate Ridge, provides unique insights into the fluid regime of an accretionary complex and delineates specific sub-seafloor pathways for fluid transport. Compaction and dewatering due to smectite-illite transition increase with distance from the toe of the accretionary prism and bring up fluids from deep within the accretionary complex to sampled depths (<= 600 mbsf). These fluids have a distinctly non-radiogenic strontium isotope signature indicating reaction with the oceanic basement....
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