Concentrations of tektites and chemical elements in sediments from ODP Holes 121-758B and 124-769A, supplement to: Schmidt, Gerhard; Zhou, Lei; Wasson, John T (1993): Iridium anomaly associated with the Australasian tektite-producing impact; masses of the impactor and of the Australasian tektites. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 57(19), 4851-4859

Gerhard Schmidt, Lei Zhou & John T Wasson
Recently published studies of Ocean Drilling Project (ODP) cores from near southeast Asia revealed microtektite contents much higher than those in previously studied cores, suggesting that Ir contents might be enhanced in the tektite-bearing horizons. We determined a positive Ir anomaly in ODP core 758B from the Ninetyeast Ridge, eastern Indian Ocean; the peak Ir concentration of 190 pg/ g was ~2X the continuum level. The net Ir fluence is 1.8+/-0.5 ng/cm**2 over the depth...
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