Petrological and geochemical characteristics of DSDP Hole 37-334 gabbroic cumulates (Table 1), supplement to: Nonnotte, Philippe; Ceuleneer, Georges; Benoit, Mathieu (2005): Genesis of andesitic-boninitic magmas at mid-ocean ridges by melting of hydrated peridotites: Geochemical evidence from DSDP Site 334 gabbronorites. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 236(3-4), 632-653

Philippe Nonnotte, Georges Ceuleneer & Mathieu Benoit
The gabbronoritic cumulates drilled at DSDP Site 334 (Mid-Atlantic Ridge off the FAMOUS area) are neither crystallization products of the associated basalts, nor from any MORB composition documented along ocean ridges. Their parent melts are richer in SiO2 than MORB at a given MgO content, as attested by the crystallization sequence starting with an olivine+calcic and sub-calcic pyroxene assemblages. These melts are issued from a source highly depleted in incompatible elements, likely residual peridotite left...
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