Oligocene magnetostratigraphy for equatorial Pacific ODP Sites, supplement to: Lanci, Luca; Parés, Josep M; Channell, James E T; Kent, Dennis V (2005): Oligocene magnetostratigraphy from Equatorial Pacific sediments (ODP Sites 1218 and 1219, Leg 199). Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 237(3-4), 617-634

Luca Lanci, Josep M Parés, James E T Channell & Dennis V Kent
An Oligocene magnetostratigraphy from ODP Sites 1218 and 1219 (Equatorial Pacific) has been obtained by measurements made on u-channel samples, augmented by about 221 discrete samples. U-channel samples were measured at 1 cm intervals and were stepwise demagnetized in alternating fields (AF) up to a maximum peak field of 80 mT. The magnetization directions were determined at 1 cm intervals by principal component analysis of demagnetization steps in the 20 to 60 mT peak field...
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