Age determination of sediments off western Svalbard, supplement to: Elverhoi, Anders; Svendsen, John Inge; Solheim, Anders; Andersen, Espen Sletten; Milliman, John; Mangerud, Jan; Hooke, Roger LeB (1995): Late Quaternary sediment yield from high Arctic Svalbard area. The Journal of Geology, 103, 1-17

Anders Elverhoi, John Inge Svendsen, Anders Solheim, Espen Sletten Andersen, John Milliman, Jan Mangerud & Roger LeB Hooke
Late Quaternary sediment yields from the Isfjorden drainage area (7327 km**2), a high arctic region on Svalbard characterized by an alpine landscape, have been reconstructed by using seismic stratigraphy supported by sediment core analysis. The sediments that accumulated in the fjord during and since deglaciation can be divided into three stratigraphic units. The volumes of these units were determined and converted into sediment yield rates averaged over the drainage basin. During deglaciation, 13 to 10...
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