Chemical and strontium isotopic compositions of interstitial waters from sediments of ODP Site 135-841, supplement to: Blanc, Gérard; Vitali, Frédéric; Stille, Peter (1995): Unusual diagenetic alteration of volcanoclastic sediments in the Tonga fore-arc: Evidence for chemical and strontium isotopic compositions of interstitial waters. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 59(22), 4633-4644

Gérard Blanc, Frédéric Vitali & Peter Stille
The depth variations in the major chemical components dissolved in interstitial waters from the Tonga margin (ODP Site 841) are much more pronounced than those usually observed in deep-sea sediments. The extensive alteration of volcanic Miocene sediments to secondary minerals such as analcime, clays, and thaumasite forms a CaCl2-rich brine. The brine results from a high exchange of Ca to Na, K, and Mg and an increase in Cl concentrations due to removal of H2O...
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