Strontium and neodymium isotope data for barite separates and pore waters, and isotope and concentration data for foraminifera and fish teeth from DSDP Leg 85 sediments, supplement to: Martin, Ellen E; MacDougall, J Douglas; Herbert, Timothy D; Paytan, Adina; Kastner, Miriam (1995): Strontium and neodymium isotopic analyses of marine barite separates. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 59(7), 1353-1361

Ellen E Martin, J Douglas MacDougall, Timothy D Herbert, Adina Paytan & Miriam Kastner
Strontium and neodymium isotopic data are reported for barite samples chemically separated from Late Miocene to Pliocene sediments from the eastern equatorial Pacific. At a site within a region of very high productivity close to the equator, 87Sr/86Sr ratios in the barite separates are indistinguishable from those of foraminifera and fish teeth from the same samples. However, at two sites north of the productivity maximum barite separates have slightly, but consistently lower (averaging 0.000062) ratios...
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