Geochemistry of lavas and dikes from the upper oceanic crust of Hess Deep Rift, eastern Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Gillis, Kathryn M; Coogan, Laurence A; Pedersen, Rolf B (2005): Strontium isotope constraints on fluid flow in the upper oceanic crust at the East Pacific Rise. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 232(1-2), 83-94

Kathryn M Gillis, Rolf B Pedersen & Laurence A Coogan
Strontium isotopes are useful tracers of fluid-rock interaction in marine hydrothermal systems and provide a potential way to quantify the amount of seawater that passes through these systems. We have determined the whole-rock Sr-isotopic compositions of a section of upper oceanic crust that formed at the fast-spreading East Pacific Rise, now exposed at Hess Deep. This dataset provides the first detailed comparison for the much-studied Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) drill core from Site 504B. Whole-rock...
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