Sulphur contents and partition of iron in ODP Leg 112 sediments, supplement to: Raiswell, Robert; Canfield, Donald E (1996): Rates of reaction between silicate iron and dissolved sulfide in Peru margin sediments. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 60(15), 2777-2787

Robert Raiswell & Donald E Canfield
Porewaters in site 680 Peru Margin sediments contain dissolved sulfide over a depth of approximately 70 m which, at a sedimentation rate of 0.005 cm/yr, gives a sediment exposure time to dissolved sulfide of about 1.4 Myr. Reactions with dissolved sulfide cause the site 680 sediments to show a progressive decrease in a poorly-reactive silicate iron fraction, defined as the difference between iron extracted by dithionite (FeD) at room temperature and that extracted by boiling...
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