Smear slide analysis of sediment core GeoB5836-2, supplement to: Seeberg-Elverfeldt, Ismene A; Lange, Carina Beatriz; Arz, Helge Wolfgang; Pätzold, Jürgen; Pike, Jennifer (2004): The significance of diatoms in the formation of laminated sediments of the Shaban Deep, Northern Red Sea. Marine Geology, 209(1-4), 279-301

Ismene A Seeberg-Elverfeldt, Carina Beatriz Lange, Helge Wolfgang Arz, Jürgen Pätzold & Jennifer Pike
Laminated sediments spanning the last 20,000 years (though not continuously) in the Shaban Deep, a brine-filled basin in the northern Red Sea, were analyzed microscopically and with backscattered electron imagery in order to determine laminae composition with emphasis on the diatomaceous component. Based on this detailed study, we present schematic models to propose paleoflux scenarios for laminae formation at different time-slices. The investigated core (GeoB 5836-2; 26°12.61'N, 35°21.56'E; water depth 1475 m) shows light and...
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