Osmium concentrations and isotope ratios of ODP Site 146-893A, supplement to: Williams, Gwyneth A; Turekian, Karl K (2004): The glacial-interglacial variation of seawater osmium isotopes as recorded in Santa Barbara Basin. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 228(3-4), 379-389

Gwyneth A Williams & Karl K Turekian
The Pleistocene deposits of Santa Barbara Basin (SBB) show laminations during interglacial periods typical of an anoxic or suboxic depositional environment and more sporadically laminated deposits during glacial times, indicating a more oxic environment of deposition. The 187Os/188Os value of sediment leaches varies as a function of climate, consistent with a more radiogenic Os signal during interglacial times and less radiogenic Os values more typical of glacial times. The signal is confounded by contributions from...
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