Chemical and isotopic compositions of sediments from DSDP Hole 21-204, supplement to: Turner, Simon; Hawkesworth, Chris J; Rogers, Nick; Bartlett, Jessica; Worthington, Tim J; Hergt, Janet M; Pearce, Julian A; Smith, Ian (1997): 238U-230Th disequilibria, magma petrogenesis, and flux rates beneath the depleted Tonga-Kermadec island arc. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 61(22), 4855-4884

Simon Turner, Chris J Hawkesworth, Nick Rogers, Jessica Bartlett, Tim J Worthington, Janet M Hergt, Julian A Pearce & Ian Smith
The highly depleted intra-oceanic Tonga-Kermadec island arc forms an endmember of arc systems and a unique location in which to isolate the effects of the slab flux. High precision TIMS uranium, thorium, strontium, neodymium, and lead isotopes, along with complete major and trace element data, have been obtained on an extensive sample set comprising fifty-eight lavas along the arc as well as nineteen samples of the subducting sediments at DSDP site 204 just to the...
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