Lithium and strontium isotopic compositions of sediments and pore waters at ODP Sites 152-918 and 152-919, supplement to: Zhang, Libo; Chan, Lui-Heung; Gieskes, Joris M (1998): Lithium isotope geochemistry of pore waters from Ocean Drilling Program sites 918 and 919, Irminger Basin. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 62(14), 2437-2450

Libo Zhang, Lui-Heung Chan & Joris M Gieskes
The distribution of Li isotopes in pore waters to a depth of 1157 m below seafloor is presented for ODP Sites 918 and 919 in the Irminger Basin, offshore Greenland. Lithium isotope data are accompanied by strontium isotope ratios to decipher diagenetic reactions in the sediments which are characterized by the pervasive presence of volcanic material, as well as by very high accumulation rates in the upper section. The lowering of the 87Sr/86Sr ratio below...
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