Strontium isotope ratios of middle Eocene to Oligocene sediments from Maud Rise, Antarctica, supplement to: Mead, Gregory; Hodell, David A (1995): Controls on the 87Sr/86Sr composition of seawater from the middle Eocene to Oligocene: Hole 689B, Maud Rise, Antarctica. Paleoceanography, 10(2), 327-346

Gregory Mead & David A Hodell
A 87Sr/86Sr isotope curve of the middle Eocene to Oligocene was produced from analysis of foraminifera in Ocean Drilling Program Hole 689B, Maud Rise, near the coast of Antarctica. Sediments from the hole are well preserved with no evidence of diagenetic alteration. The sequence is nearly complete from 46.3 to 24.8 Ma, with an average sampling interval of 166 kyr. Excellent magnetostratigraphy in Hole 689B allows calibration to the geomagnetic polarity time scale of Cande...
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