Cloride and bromide concentrations and Br-/Cl- molar ratios in pore fluids at ODP Site 134-833, supplement to: Martin, Jonathan B (1999): Nonconservative behavior of Br-/Cl- ratios during alteration of volcaniclastic sediments. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 63(3-4), 383-391

Jonathan B Martin
Other than halite diagenesis and organic matter degradation, Cl- and Br- are considered to be conservative in marine pore fluids. Consequently, Br-/Cl- ratios should remain constant during most diagenetic reactions. Nonetheless, Br-/Cl- molar ratios decrease to 0.00127 (~18% less than seawater value) in pore fluids from Site 833 in the Aoba Basin of the New Hebrides convergent margin despite the lack of halite diagenesis and little organic matter. Sediment at this site is largely volcanic...
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