Strontium isotope ratios and concentrations in fossil fish teeth, supplement to: Martin, Ellen E; Scher, Howie D (2004): Preservation of seawater Sr and Nd isotopes in fossil fish teeth: bad news and good news. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 220(1-2), 25-39

Ellen E Martin & Howie D Scher
We analyzed 87Sr/86Sr ratios in foraminifera, pore fluids, and fish teeth for samples ranging in age from Eocene to Pleistocene from four Ocean Drilling Program sites distributed around the globe: Site 1090 in the Cape Basin of the Southern Ocean, Site 757 on the Ninetyeast Ridge in the Indian Ocean, Site 807 on the Ontong-Java Plateau in the western equatorial Pacific, and Site 689 on the Maud Rise in the Southern Ocean. Sr isotopic ratios...
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