Pollen and diatom analysis on varved sediments in Lake Jues (Harz Mountains, Germany), supplement to: Voigt, Ricarda; Grüger, Eberhard; Baier, Janina; Meischner, Dieter (2008): Seasonal variability of Holocene climate: a palaeolimnological study on varved sediments in Lake Jues (Harz Mountains, Germany). Journal of Paleolimnology, 40(4), 1021-1052

Ricarda Voigt, Eberhard Grüger, Janina Baier & Dieter Meischner
Studies combining sedimentological and biological evidence to reconstruct Holocene climate beyond the major changes, and especially seasonality, are rare in Europe, and are nearly completely absent in Germany. The present study tries to reconstruct changes of seasonality from evidence of annual algal successions within the framework of well-established pollen zonation and 14C-AMS dates from terrestrial plants. Laminated Holocene sediments in Lake Jues (10°20.70' E, 51°39.30' N, 241 m a.s.l.), located at the SW margin of...
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