Stable isotope ratios measured on carbonate tests from the Kara Sea, supplement to: Simstich, Johannes; Erlenkeuser, Helmut; Spielhagen, Robert F; Stanovoy, Vladimir V (2005): Modern and Holocene hydrographic characteristics of the shallow Kara Sea shelf (Siberia) as reflected by stable isotopes of bivalves and benthic foraminifera. Boreas, 34(3), 252-263

Robert F Spielhagen, Johannes Simstich, Helmut Erlenkeuser & Vladimir V Stanovoy
River discharge of Ob and Yenisei to the Kara Sea is highly variable on seasonal and interannual time scales. River water dominates the shallow bottom water near the river mouths, making it warmer and less saline but seasonally and interannually more changeable than bottom water on the deeper shelf. This hydrographic pattern shows up in measurements and modelling, and in stable isotope records (delta18O, delta13C) along the growth axis of bivalve shells and in multiple...
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