Age determinations and stable isotope records of four sediment profiles off Nova Scotia, supplement to: Keigwin, Lloyd D; Jones, Glenn A (1995): The marine record of deglaciation from the continental margin off Nova Scotia. Paleoceanography, 10(6), 973-986

Lloyd D Keigwin & Glenn A Jones
Continental margin sediments off Nova Scotia accumulate at high rates (up to 360 cm/kyr) and contain a history of millennial-scale environmental changes which are dominated by the proximity of the Laurentide ice sheet during the latest Quaternary. Using stable isotope ratios of oxygen, accelerator mass spectrometer radiocarbon dating, micropaleontology, and sedimentology, we document these changes in six piston cores ranging in water depth from ab. 450 to ab. 4300 m. We find that maximum d18O...
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