Abundances and δ¹³C values of n-alkanes extracted from sediment samples of ODP Hole 116-717C, supplement to: Freeman, Katherine H; Colarusso, L A (2001): Molecular and isotopic records of C4 grassland expansion in the late Miocene. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 65(9), 1439-1454

Katherine H Freeman & L A Colarusso
Siwalik paleosol and Bengal Fan sediment samples were analyzed for the abundance and isotopic composition of n-alkanes in order to test for molecular evidence of the expansion of C4 grasslands on the Indian subcontinent. The carbon isotopic compositions of high-molecular-weight alkanes in both the ancient soils and sediments record a shift from low d13C values (ca. -30 per mil) to higher values (ca. -22 per mil) prior to 6 Ma. This shift is similar in...
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