Paleomagnetic investigation of Early Creatceous Ontong Java Plateau basalts, supplement to: Riisager, Peter; Hall, Stuart; Antretter, Maria J; Zhao, Xixi (2003): Paleomagnetic paleolatitude of Early Cretaceous Ontong Java Plateau basalts: implications for Pacific apparent and true polar wander. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 208(3-4), 235-252

Peter Riisager, Stuart Hall, Maria J Antretter & Xixi Zhao
We present paleomagnetic data from basaltic pillow and lava flows drilled at four Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 192 sites through the Early Cretaceous (~120 Ma) Ontong Java Plateau (OJP). Altogether 270 samples (out of 331) yielded well-defined characteristic remanent magnetization components all of which have negative inclinations, i.e. normal polarity. Dividing data into inclination groups we obtain 5, 7, 14 and 15 independent inclination estimates for the four sites. Statistical analysis suggests that paleosecular...
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