Results of experiments of hydrothermal alteration of Middle Valley sediment from ODP Hole 139-855A, supplement to: Cruse, Anna M; Seewald, Jeffrey S (2001): Metal mobility in sediment-covered ridge-crest hydrothermal systems: Experimental and theoretical constraints. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 65(19), 3233-3247

Anna M Cruse & Jeffrey S Seewald
The presence of sedimentary organic matter blanketing midocean ridge crests has a potentially strong impact on metal transport in hydrothermal vent fluids. To constrain the role of organic matter in metal mobility during hydrothermal sediment alteration, we reacted organic-rich diatomaceous ooze from Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California, and organic-poor hemipelagic mud from Middle Valley, northern Juan de Fuca Ridge, with seawater and a Na-Ca-K-Cl fluid of seawater chlorinity, at 275° to 400°C, 350 to 500...
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