Mineral, chemical and isotopic compositions of fresh and altered gabbros from ODP Hole 176-735B, supplement to: Bach, Wolfgang; Alt, Jeffrey C; Niu, Yaoling; Humphris, Susan E; Erzinger, Jörg; Dick, Henry J B (2001): The geochemical consequences of late-stage low-grade alteration of lower ocean crust at the SW Indian Ridge: Results from ODP Hole 735B (Leg 176). Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 65(19), 3267-3287

Wolfgang Bach, Jeffrey C Alt, Yaoling Niu, Susan E Humphris, Jörg Erzinger & Henry J B Dick
Chemical exchange between oceanic lithosphere and seawater is important in setting the chemical composition of the oceans. In the past, budgets for chemical flux in the flanks of mid-ocean ridges have only considered exchange between basalt and seawater. Recent studies have shown that lower crustal and upper mantle lithologies make up a significant fraction of sea floor produced at the global mid-ocean ridge system. Moreover, the rugged topography of slow spread crust exposing lower crust...
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