Sr/Ca and Cd/Ca ratios of benthic foraminifera in surface deep-sea sediments, supplement to: Elderfield, Henry; Bertram, Caroline J; Erez, Jonathan (1996): A biomineralization model for the incorporation of trace elements into foraminiferal calcium carbonate. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 142(3-4), 409-423

Henry Elderfield, Caroline J Bertram & Jonathan Erez
Measurements of Sr/Ca of benthic foraminifera show a linear decrease with water depth which is superimposed upon significant variability identified by analyses of individual foraminifera. New data for Cd/Ca support previous work in defining a contrast between waters shallower and deeper than ~2500 m. Measured element partition coefficients in foraminiferal calcium carbonate relative to sea water (D) have been described by means of a one-box model in which elements are extracted by Rayleigh distillation from...
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