Results of analyses of fluid inclusions from ODP Site 735B, Leg 118 and 176, supplement to: Kelley, Deborah S; Frueh-Green, Gretchen L (2001): Volatile lines of descent in submarine plutonic environments; insights from stable isotope and fluid inclusion analyses. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 65(19), 3325-3346

Deborah S Kelley & Gretchen L Frueh-Green
Microthermometric and isotopic analyses of fluid inclusions in primitive olivine gabbros, oxide gabbros, and evolved granitic material recovered from Ocean Drilling Program Hole 735B at the Southwest Indian Ridge provide new insights into the evolution of C-O-H-NaCl fluids in the plutonic foundation of the oceanic crust. The variably altered and deformed plutonic rocks span a crustal section of over 1500 m and record a remarkably complex magma-hydrothermal history. Magmatic fluids within this suite followed two...
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