Composition of matrix glasses and melt inclusions of fallout tephra from ODP Hole 125-782A, supplement to: Straub, Susanne M; Layne, Graham D (2003): The systematics of chlorine, fluorine, and water in Izu arc front volcanic rocks; implications for volatile recycling in subduction zones. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 67(21), 4179-4203

Susanne M Straub & Graham D Layne
We studied the systematics of Cl, F and H2O in Izu arc front volcanic rocks using basaltic through rhyolitic glass shards and melt inclusions (Izu glasses) from Oligocene to Quaternary distal fallout tephra. These glasses are low-K basalts to rhyolites that are equivalent to the Quaternary lavas of the Izu arc front (Izu VF). Most of the Izu glasses have Cl ~400-4000 ppm and F ~70-400 ppm (normal-group glasses). Rare andesitic melt inclusions (halogen-rich andesites;...
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