Mineralogy, isotopic composition of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, and oxygen isotopic temperature of deep-sea silica and coexisting carbonates (Table 1), supplement to: Knauth, L Paul; Epstein, Samuel (1975): Hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratios in silica from the Joides Deep Sea Drilling Project. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 25(1), 1-10

L Paul Knauth & Samuel Epstein
Water extracted from opal-CT ("porcellanite", "cristobalite"), granular microcrystalline quartz (chert), and pure fibrous quartz (chalcedony) in cherts from the JOIDES Deep Sea Drilling Project is 56‰ to 87‰ depleted in deuterium relative to the water in which the silica formed. This large fractionation is similar in magnitude and sign to that observed for hydroxyl in clay minerals and suggests that water extracted from these forms of silica has been derived from hydroxyl groups within the...
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