Mineralogy and oxygen isotope values of silicified claystone and porcelanite from DSDP Hole 35-323, supplement to: Kastner, Miriam; Gieskes, Joris M (1976): Interstitial water profiles and sites of diagenetic reactions, Leg 35, DSDP, Bellingshausen abyssal plain. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 33(1), 11-20

Miriam Kastner & Joris M Gieskes
Discrepancies between predicted and observed interstitial water profiles for sites 322 and 323, Leg 35, Bellingshausen Abyssal Plain, were used to identify sites of reaction for further mineralogical and chemical investigations. Two major reaction sites were identified at site 323:(1) In the silicification zone between 410 and 505 m depth, where dissolution of biogenic (opaline) silica, plagioclase and a few coccoliths and the formation of opal-CT, Mg-rich smectite and K-feldspar are responsible for the observed...
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