Geochemistry of the basalts from DSDP Leg 42A, supplement to: Dietrich, Volker; Emmermann, Rolf; Keller, Jörg; Puchelt, Harald (1977): Tholeiitic basalts from the Tyrrhenian sea floor. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, (36(2), 285-296

Volker Dietrich, Rolf Emmermann, Jörg Keller & Harald Puchelt
During DSDP Leg 42A, drilling at site 373A in the central Tyrrhenian Sea penetrated Miocene basaltic basement for 190 m and recovered basalt from up to 450 m below the sea floor. Despite mineralogical and chemical alteration due to hydrothermal processes under the high heat flow regime in the Tyrrhenian marginal basin, petrological analogies to high-Al abyssal basalts can be traced. Two interlayered basalt groups have been recognized: (1) the lower-Ti group (core 5/1-2, core...
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