Composition of chromian diopside megacryst in DSDP Leg 37 basalts (Table 2, 3), supplement to: Donaldson, Colin H; Brown, Roy W (1977): Refractory megacrysts and magnesium-rich melt inclusions within spinel in oceanic tholeiits: indicators of magma mixing and parental magma composition. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 37(1), 81-89

Colin H Donaldson & Roy W Brown
Refractory megacrysts of olivine, plagioclase, chromian diopside and Cr-Al spinel, which were not in equilibrium with the host oceanic tholeiite on eruption, are present in samples from several dredge sites and DSDP drill sites in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They have multiple origins: (1) cognate or accidental mantle fragments; (2) relict fragments from fractional crystallization of parental liquids considerably more primitive than oceanic tholeiite; and most commonly (3) the fractional crystallization products of such...
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